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Why Hire a Luxury Wine Tour Transportation Service in Sedona

Reasons To Hire a Luxurious Wine Tour Transportation in Sedona

Tourists to Sedona, AZ, often visit the sandstone formations you can only find in the area. In addition to the beautiful scenery, Sedona offers delectable wine at various spots along the Verde Valley Wine Trail. 

You could book a tour company with strangers, but why not let Vitesse take care of your wine tour transportation instead? Our second-to-none Sedona wine tours touch base at the most popular and flavorful spots in town. If you aren’t convinced about booking a private wine tour, here are a few reasons this could be a great idea.

Best Reasons to Book Private Wine Tour Transportation

While preparing for your trip to Sedona, consider these reasons why a private tour may be just what you need.

Have Your Drinks Hassle-Free

Drinks often taste best in familiar company, and having random people around can put your guard up. Instead, you can plan for your entourage to go on a custom tour, just for pals.

If you and your friends want to go on a wine spree without strangers, a private car company can help. You won’t have to worry about parking, directions, or meeting up with a rideshare.

The streets of Sedona might be unfamiliar to you, but a professional driver knows the way. Rest easy with a reliable driver taking care of the difficult details so you can enjoy the tour.

Safety First

With a private car or SUV managing your wine tour transportation, you don’t need a designated driver. Everyone can have fun and drink as they please knowing they don’t have to drive.

Chauffeurs stay sober so you don’t have to be, providing safe passage to each destination. Potential DWI accidents and charges are out of the picture with a private driver.

Luxury Throughout Your Trip

Private vehicles come with more than just a designated driver. Many rides include additional amenities for the duration of your wine tour. Considering many tours last between five to seven hours, you’ll want to be comfortable!

Drivers often have complimentary water, free Wi-Fi, and refreshing air conditioning to brave Arizona’s notoriously hot temperatures. Whether celebrating an event or just having weekend fun, you can use these little details to add to your enjoyment.

Top-Quality Sanitation

If you considered using a taxi or rideshare app, you could be gambling with a mixed bag for cleanliness. Taxis often pick up people one after another, leaving little time to clean. Rideshare companies often don’t have an enforceable policy for car sanitation.

Meanwhile, private car companies clean and sanitize every vehicle after each booking. We also ensure that our drivers follow COVID-19 and other illness protocols. After all, you should be able to enjoy being out without worries about getting sick from your ride.

When you pay for private services, you receive top-standard care and priority in return.

Trip Flexibility

When you set a destination with a taxi, tour company, or rideshare, you lock yourself in without much wiggle room. If something happens to throw you off course, you might lose your spot and miss out on the local wines. However, with a private company, you set the timetable and locations.

You have much more flexibility with your daily planning when you book a chauffeur. For a nominal fee, some companies can also extend your hours in case you’re running late. When life throws a wrench into your plans, luxury transportation options often give you more leeway.

Travel Efficiency

If you don’t know how to traverse Sedona streets, planning your route can be a hassle. You would also have to constantly call taxis or book rideshares between locations, and who knows if and when they will arrive. You can take care of your entire day’s travels with a luxury car or SUV instead.

Your driver stays available for your transportation needs that day, so you can immerse yourself in the local festivities. You won’t need to scramble for a ride when all you need to do is go outside. A private vehicle and chauffeur will already be waiting for you.

Set Up Your Wine Tour With Vitesse Luxury Transportation

The top wineries in Sedona, AZ, await your arrival with local festivities and cultural flavor. You can plan your wine tour transportation with Vitesse by booking one of our stylish and versatile vehicles. Our drivers and customer service team puts your safety and comfort first, providing top-quality convenience with a smile.

Call Vitesse at (928) 239-4659 to review our luxury fleet and learn more about our services today.

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