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Understanding proper wine tasting etiquette can enhance your experience. Here are some helpful tips from Vitesse for your next wine tasting adventure!

Wine Tasting Etiquette: How to Behave During Your Sedona Winery Tour

An afternoon of wine tasting is a fantastic way to enjoy beautiful Sedona, AZ, while relaxing and unwinding with friends and family. However, patrons shouldn’t act like they are at their local sports pub when exploring new wines. Etiquette is an essential part of the experience and will help you make the most of the occasion.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand proper wine tasting etiquette or how it enhances the overall experience. That’s why Vitesse put together some dos and don’ts of wine tasting.

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Wine Tasting Etiquette in Sedona, AZ: The Dos and Don’ts

Sedona has a vast number of high-quality wineries that provide complimentary tastings to visitors. Understanding the proper etiquette and techniques will take the wine tasting experience to tremendous new heights. Below is a brief overview of wine tasting etiquette in Sedona, AZ.

Don’t Wear Perfume or Cologne

Most high-quality wines have a pleasant aroma that gives patrons an idea of their flavor. Wearing perfume, cologne, or aftershave can hinder the scent and even alter the flavor for you and others. Never wear a heavy fragrance when visiting a winery or participating in wine tasting to ensure you experience the full flavor and aroma.

Cleanse Your Palate Regularly

Most wines have a distinct flavor that helps them stand out from other varieties. Failing to cleanse your palate after each sample can stifle the flavor and prevent you from tasting the unique notes and spices. That’s why nearly every winery provides guests with water to clean their palate of the previous wine.

Taking a few sips of water and swishing it between tasting each wine can help you enjoy the full flavor and make the experience more enjoyable. Some wineries also provide hors d’oeuvres or crackers to help further cleanse your palate. Always utilize water and other palate cleansers to taste each wine’s unique flavor.

Don’t Drink Too Much Too Fast

Many novice wine tasters drink too much too fast and become intoxicated before the event’s conclusion. Overly drunk tasters often become bothersome and annoy other guests. Intoxicated guests also can’t cherish the experience, missing out on the wine’s rich, bold flavors.

To avoid drinking in excess, follow the wine-tasting methods below.

  • Before drinking, analyze the wine’s color and appearance.
  • Gently swirl the wine to see if droplets stick to the glass’s side. The more droplets that cling to the glass, the higher the ABV (alcohol by volume).
  • Smell the wine to prepare your palate and enjoy the aroma.
  • Take a small sip and let it settle in your mouth before swallowing or spitting it out. Most wineries provide spit buckets called spittoons where guests can dump or spit their wine after tasting.

Following this wine tasting method will enhance your experience and prevent you from drinking too much too fast.

Listen to the Wine Educator

A wine expert or educator conducts the tastings and teaches guests about each variety and their unique blend. It’s best to listen to the wine educator and follow their advice on wine tasting etiquette and drinking techniques. Some seasoned wine fans have an elitist view and believe they know better than the experts, making them seem a bit snobbish while preventing them from expanding their wine knowledge.

Wine educators are your guide to wine tasting and help patrons bask in each flavor and wine variety. A useful rule of thumb is to go to each wine tasting with an open mind and listen to the educator’s advice. They will make the experience more enjoyable and can even teach experienced wine fans a thing or two.

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