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Top Reasons to Choose a High-Top Sprinter Van for Your AZ Touring Adventures

Top Reasons to Choose a High-Top Sprinter Van for Your AZ Touring Adventures

Arizona has so many incredible sights and places of interest to visit. World renowned attractions like the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater National Landmark bring thousands of visitors to the state every year. When preparing for your Arizona adventures, consider a sprinter van for tour destinations and daylong road trips.

Sprinter vans offer spacious, comfortable travel accommodations for large groups. With luxury amenities and plenty of space for recreational equipment, these vehicles can enhance your exploration of the natural wonders in Arizona. In this blog, we’ll discuss these and many other reasons vans are the superior travel option.

When you’re planning your Arizona adventures, call the top-rated car service in Sedona for a high-top sprinter van rental and professional driver service. Our well-trained drivers have the experience to navigate any landscape to suit your Arizona sightseeing tour. Call today to schedule your high-top van.

7 Reasons to Choose a Sprinter Van for Tour Adventures

Many of the most popular attractions in Arizona are natural sights with rugged terrain. As such, the vehicle you choose for your touring adventures determines whether or not you can make it to all your dream destinations with ease. These seven advantages of vans clarify why these vehicles are superior for Arizona adventures.

1. Excellent Handling and Durability

If you’re hoping to take in the breathtaking views of Grand Canyon National Park or Meteor Crater National Landmark, you’ll have to navigate some desert terrain. However, not every vehicle has the power and handling to get through rough desert roads without issues.

Passenger vans offer the best handling among large group vehicles, even surpassing many SUVs. With features like skid braking, acceleration skid control, roll over mitigation, and load adaptive control, your group will feel safe as you make your way to our country’s natural wonders.

2. Ample Seating for Large Groups

Spectacular views just don’t look the same when you experience them alone. If you’re planning your dream trip around Arizona, you’ll want to bring all your loved ones and family along to share the moment.

Fortunately, getting a van for tour experiences ensures that you have seating for every member of your group. With seats for up to 14 passengers, these vehicles allow you to assemble your dream team for the trip of a lifetime.

3. Wine Tours and More

Did you know that Arizona boasts a growing and unique wine-making scene? Besides all the usual suspects when thinking about what you’d like to do near Sedona. Local limo companies offer unique experiences such as wine tours and more.

With a van rental, you’ll have access to a wine-tasting experience like no other.

4. Standing Room and Increased Comfort

High-top vans feature ceiling heights that allow standing. This feature can really come in handy to give your legs a stretch during longer rides. Furthermore, the plush leather seating keeps everyone comfortable the whole journey.

5. Space for Baggage and Equipment

Whether you’re getting a van for tour adventures or just need a ride from the airport, sprinter vans offer space for multiple bags and sports equipment. Easily store bulky objects to get everything you brought into one vehicle.

6. Excellent Gas Mileage

The last thing you’ll want to do on your tour is stop frequently for gas. Fortunately, vans have excellent gas mileage that will keep you going during long rides without fail.

7. Benefit From Professional Drivers

As you explore your options for transportation during your Arizona adventure, you may wonder, why hire a professional limo? Professional drivers have extensive licensing, certifications, and defensive driving training that allow them to safely navigate terraneous roads. Keep your group safe and comfortable with a professional driver and van rental.

Enhance Your Group Travel in AZ with Vitesse Sedona

Experience Sedona in complete comfort when you choose a van for tour adventures from Vitesse Sedona. From offering the most spacious transportation for group travel to providing drivers who can make your sightseeing dreams come true, our services maximize your trip across Arizona.

At Vitesse Sedona, our diverse fleet of luxury vehicles caters to every group’s needs. Our luxury fleet of sedans, SUVs, and sprinter vans ensures that parties of any size travel in comfort and style. Professionals from Vitesse Sedona can also discuss your travel needs and recommend the best vehicle type for you.

For more information about hiring a van for tour destinations in Arizona, call (928) 239-4659 and consult luxury transportation experts from Vitesse Sedona.

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