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Do You Have to Provide Transportation for Wedding Guests Here’s Why You Should

Do You Have to Provide Transportation for Wedding Guests? Here’s Why You Should

Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be magical and perfect. While it’s usually inevitable that something doesn’t go as planned, taking care of every detail reduces the likelihood of something inconvenient interrupting the festivities.

One of those important details is making transportation plans. While most couples take care of getting the wedding party to the ceremony and reception venues, what about the guests? Do you have to provide transportation for wedding guests, too?

Although there’s no rule stating that wedding hosts have to make arrangements to transport guests between locations, doing so is much more than a nice gesture to your loved ones. Vitesse, Sedona’s wedding transportation expert, shares reasons why you should include guests in your transportation plans.

Reasons to Provide Wedding Transportation for Guests at Your Sedona Wedding

When you invite friends and family to attend a wedding, you’re asking them to invest time (and often, money) into being a part of the occasion. While most people are happy to do so and eager to be there on one of the most important days of your life and don’t expect anything in return, being a good host means making the experience as hassle-free and pleasant as possible.

So while the answer to “Do you have to provide transportation for wedding guests?” is technically “no,” here are five reasons that you should.

No One Gets Lost

Unless your guests are familiar with the wedding location, they will need to use GPS or detailed directions to find their way from their accommodations to the wedding ceremony and then to the reception venue. Someone is bound to get lost or take a wrong turn and end up arriving late and frazzled, but shuttle services from area hotels and between wedding locations get everyone to the right place at the right time.

Fewer Parking Problems

Many popular wedding spots around Sedona don’t have a lot of parking, so guests may need to hunt for an available space or walk long distances from their vehicles. This is often irritating and increases travel times between locations, meaning late arrivals and stressed-out guests. When groups of guests share rides, you don’t need to worry about securing parking for dozens of cars.

Keep Guests Safe

When you serve alcohol at a wedding, inevitably, some guests will get into more into the spirit of the day than others and overindulge. Providing transportation ensures that everyone gets back to their accommodations safely. Even for those guests who don’t drink, a professional driver ensures they don’t have to worry about driving after a long day of celebrating and navigating unfamiliar roads while tired.

Stay on Schedule

When guests need to figure out how they’ll get to the wedding ceremony on their own, there’s always a chance for late arrivals. A shuttle service reduces the chance that your second cousin will breathlessly burst in just as you’re about to say your vows.

Group transportation also helps ensure that you don’t have to wait for important people to arrive. Even if they aren’t part of the wedding party, you don’t want to leave special guests like your grandparents or the person giving the reading to find their own way to the ceremony. Arranging a car or other vehicle to get them to the venue on time helps everyone breathe easy and focus on the festivities.

Add to the Fun

Driving your guests between venues can add to the fun and excitement of the event. Give your guests a chance to mingle and celebrate without interruption. Consider stocking the shuttle with champagne for guests to toast the happy couple and encourage everyone to have fun and take photos to commemorate the occasion.

Let Vitesse Take Care of All Your Sedona Wedding Transportation Needs

Sedona, AZ, is a popular choice for destination weddings, offering a majestic and breathtaking red rock landscape that’s the perfect backdrop for any celebration.  Whether you opt for remote Sedona wedding locations or a spot closer to town, providing transportation for your guests improves the experience for everyone.

So while you plan your nuptials and ask questions like, “Do you have to provide transportation for wedding guests?” put yourself in your guests’ shoes and consider what they need. At the top of the list?  Pre-arranged transportation for a safe, convenient, and fun way to get the party started and keep it going.

To review your wedding transportation needs and arrange for luxurious, punctual, and professional car service for any special occasion in Sedona, get in touch with Vitesse Sedona at (928) 239-4659.

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