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7 Essential Tips for Booking Wedding Transportation in Sedona

7 Essential Tips for Booking Wedding Transportation in Sedona

Planning a wedding provides a source of joy, romance, and creativity for all involved. It can also cause stress as you try to nail down the finer details, such as booking wedding transportation that accommodates everyone involved. As Sedona’s premium wedding transportation provider, Vitesse offers some helpful planning tips.

Planning for your big day involves shopping for dresses, venues, decor, and all the gorgeous details that make a wedding special. Don’t forget to shop for transportation options that make the day memorable for everyone!

Booking Wedding Transportation for the Best Experiences in Sedona

Whether you’re planning an extravagant or modest wedding, you can’t skip out on classy transportation. Discuss the tips listed below with your wedding planner to make sure you have all your bases covered!

#1 Craft a Plan That Covers All Points

Booking wedding transportation involves so much more than a sleek limo for the bride and groom. You also need to plan for:

  • Each destination
  • Bridal party and guest transportation
  • The number of miles between your destinations
  • The events to which you’ll need a ride

You might require a ride for more than just the wedding day. You should also think about rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Have all points covered by the time you book.

#2 Consider Your Guests’ Needs

Do any of your beloved guests have disabilities? Although a hulking Hummer might excite the groomsmen, it may not accommodate someone whose legs have a limited range of motion. Consider your guests’:

  • Ages
  • Disabilities
  • Whether they’ve had any recent injuries or surgeries

Before officially booking transportation. You want to avoid an awkward or embarrassing situation that may leave someone feeling excluded or forgotten.

#3 Fine-Tune Your Schedule

One of the most important keys to a successful marriage is communication. Communicate with your fiance early on to ensure your fleet choices meet their desires too! Everyone has an individual sense of style. Ensure that your overall aesthetic, transportation included, honors your spouse-to-be’s individuality.

#4 Explore Fleet Options You Find Attractive

On that note, explore a plethora of fleet vehicles before making a final decision. When many people envision their wedding date, they picture a white limo decked in bows and streamers. However, a more unconventional option might better suit your needs and tastes.

For example, a Mercedes Sprinter van can give your larger group arrival a VIP appeal. A Bentley Flying Spur combines ultimate luxury with contemporary features – and a rare opportunity for a unique wedding transportation experience. Discover vehicles that you haven’t previously considered.

#5 Shop Various Transportation Services

No two transportation services are the same. Some have party buses that can accommodate the entire wedding party. Others sport fleets of smaller, more exotic cars for an attractive wedding caravan. Most will offer free quotes and recommendations based on your needs.

Make a list of what you might want or need during your wedding experience. Then, approach your shortlist of transportation candidates with your desires. The one who can accommodate most of your desires should win.

#6 Finalize Your Booking

Once you’ve decided on the best transportation provider for your needs, book with them as soon as you are able. Putting your reservation in ink not only solidifies your transportation service but also takes one more thing off of your list. The sooner you finalize, the better.

Transportation service availability shifts depending on the season. Many weddings and fancy school dances take place in spring. Innumerable corporate Christmas events occur in winter. If your wedding takes place during either time, your transportation options will wane considerably as you draw closer to the date.

#7 Add The Final Touches

After booking with your preferred vehicle service, add the final touches.

  • If you want to keep your party hydrated and fed, plan to bring refreshments for the ride.
  • Create a playlist for your ride to the venues, especially where the wedding and bachelorette party takes place.
  • Speak with your planner about any decorative features you want in your vehicles to complement the theme.
  • Prepare any supplies you or your guests might need during the rides.

Preparation is key when it comes to weddings. You don’t want to deal with a simple faux pas that otherwise wouldn’t exist with better planning.

Choose Vitesse for the Best Wedding Experience

Vitesse makes booking wedding transportation a breeze with a diverse vehicle fleet. We offer anything from classic to unique vehicles to use as your limo for a wedding. Call 928-239-4659 to learn more about our fleet, request a free quote, or book with us today!

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