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How To Get From Sedona to the Grand Canyon With a Private Car Service (1)

How To Get From Sedona to the Grand Canyon With a Private Car Service

Traveling from Sedona to the Grand Canyon can take over two hours, depending on the traffic flow. You can contact a private transportation company to enjoy maximum comfort and convenience during your trip. Still, if you are new to hiring a chauffeur, you may not know where to start.

Professional drivers from Sedona’s trusted car service outline five steps you can follow to get the most out of your Grand Canyon adventure. Consider the following information, then schedule a ride with a trustworthy luxury transportation company in Sedona.

Booking a Ride From Sedona to the Grand Canyon in Arizona

The Grand Canyon National Park is a must-see landmark for anyone visiting Sedona, AZ. This natural, 4,000-foot-deep geological feature attracts nearly five million tourists every year. A scenic drive down the iconic Route 66 will get you to this world-renowned destination with few delays.

Avoid risking your personal vehicle or relying on slow public transportation options to get to the park. Professional chauffeurs are ready to streamline your travel with clean, modern, and comfortable solutions. Here is how you can schedule a ride.

1. Know Your Budget

Many tourists worry that hiring a private car or shuttle service from Sedona to the Grand Canyon is too pricey. However, this solution can actually save passengers money at the end of the day. Here are a few expenses you can avoid by investing in luxury transportation:

  • Fuel: Many luxury car companies include the price of fuel in hourly or daily fees. You won’t need to waste money filling up your personal vehicle’s gas tank during the trip there and back.
  • Repairs: Your private chauffeur will ensure that each vehicle is in working order before your reserved pickup time. The company will not hold you liable for any road-related damage caused during the ride.
  • Wasted Mileage: Pre-planned GPS navigation will ensure that you don’t waste unnecessary time on your way from Sedona to the Grand Canyon. Your driver will avoid road closures and other obstacles that may cost you time and money during your visit.

It’s a good idea to calculate your budget before arranging these services. Private vehicles could cost between $75 to $200 per hour, depending on the company you choose.

2. Choose the Right Company

Check online reviews before you commit to private car transportation. Five-star companies will provide practical onboard accommodations, outstanding communication, and arrive on time whenever you need a lift.

Reliable private transportation companies can also answer any questions you have about the area while you book your reservation. Chauffeurs have unmatched knowledge of the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek Canyon, and the surrounding Native American landmarks.

3. Select a Vehicle

Most private transportation companies offer a broad range of vehicles in their fleets, suitable for all travel needs. Popular options include:

  • Black Car Sedans (Lincoln Continentals or Mercedes)
  • Luxury SUVs (Chevrolets)
  • Shuttles and Sprinter Vans (Mercedes)

Ask your chosen company which car is best for your group.

4. Determine a Pickup Location

Representatives from a private car company can recommend numerous pickup locations during your Grand Canyon visit. However, you can customize your trip by scheduling a pickup right at your door. High-quality transportation companies will meet you at any location you choose.

Additionally, they will drop you off in a convenient spot, so you don’t have to worry about busy parking lots or long walks to the park.

5. Ride in Style

Onboard amenities, like Wi-Fi accessibility, charger ports, and surround-sound audio entertainment, will help you enjoy a relaxing drive to the Grand Canyon. Sink into soft plush or leather cushions while enjoying the Arizona countryside in peace.

Some vehicles feature sunroofs and wide panoramic window views. You won’t need to worry about navigating through traffic or challenging weather conditions — your certified chauffeur will do all the hard work for you.

Vitesse Will Simplify Your Trip With World-Class Comfort

Are you ready to experience Sedona in complete comfort? Vitesse is the region’s top private transport provider, proven by numerous five-star reviews and testimonials. We can accommodate up to 14 passengers in our high-end vehicles, so you can keep the entire group together during your trip.

Ask us for a quote to start your reservation today. Our honest pricing and communication will ensure that you receive 100% satisfaction when scheduling a ride with us. We will help you understand what to expect before your chauffeur arrives.

Learn more about how to get from Sedona to the Grand Canyon by calling (928) 239-4659. Speak with a Vitesse representative in Sedona, AZ, today.

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