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How Can Private Transportation Services Enhance Special Events

How Can Private Transportation Services Enhance Special Events?

Getting to and from special events without reliable transportation can dampen your evening. Private transportation services ensure you have everything you need to beat traffic and avoid mishaps.

The professional chauffeurs at Vitesse know how you can enhance your next special event with these world-class services.

What To Know About Private Transportation

Private transportation is safe, reliable, and fun. These services include luxury vehicles, such as black cars, SUVs, and luxury vans. A professional driver will ensure you have everything you need to ride in style.

Take advantage of several onboard accommodations during your trip. By investing in private transportation services, you can expect:

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Reduced delays on the road
  • Cost-efficient travel
  • Privacy
  • Incredible atmosphere
  • And more

Luxury ground transportation provides unforgettable experiences. After enjoying many of these great features, you may find it difficult to return to a conventional vehicle.

Corporate Events

Invest in a black car service to escort you and your colleagues to corporate events. Stately sedans and SUVs help you maintain a professional image while on the go. In some vehicles, privacy shades on windows and rear seat TV screens make it easy to work, take calls privately, and relax between events.


Every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect. Hiring a private transportation service is the safest way to ensure the wedding party reaches its destination on time.

Chauffeured transportation is very popular for weddings and receptions – and with good reason. Friends and family can pop champagne while enjoying beautiful panoramic views on the road. High-definition video and audio entertainment also create a fun atmosphere for the group.

The bride and groom will turn heads as they arrive in a sleek black vehicle of their choice at the reception.

Dinner Out

Making it to a dinner reservation on time doesn’t need to be a hassle. With a private transportation service, you can relax knowing experienced drivers will get you to the restaurant without issues.

Unlike conventional rideshares, a luxury vehicle will always be waiting for you when you need it. Schedule your ride early, so the driver has time to prepare the route.

Couples can enjoy music and dynamic interior lighting to set the mood for a romantic night out.

Wine Tours, Sightseeing, Ladies & Golf Weekends

Luxury car service offers unforgettable experiences for everyone. Hire a chauffeured ride to give your group an exciting way to get to your destination of choice. These vehicles offer plenty of space for friends to laugh and relax while cruising around town and to nearby resorts, vineyards, golf courses, and other locations.

Veteran drivers have years of experience avoiding traffic and challenging road conditions. When investing in these services, you can feel confident knowing your group is safe.

Airport Transfers

Finding reliable transportation from the airport can be a hassle, especially during busy times. A luxury car service is a great way to enjoy reliable transfers to and from area airports. An experienced chauffeur will safely get you or your group to the best drop-off point, making travel a breeze.

Arranging Transportation for Others

Arranging a private transportation service for someone else is a great way to show respect and hospitality.

Hire a black car service to take your guests from international airports or train stations. This way, they can avoid waiting on unreliable rideshares and relax after a long journey.

How Expensive Is Private Transportation?

Luxury transportation companies usually charge by the hour for most services. However, you can enjoy special event pricing for tours, weddings, and other formal occasions.

Of course, vehicle size and model will also impact the price. For example, a Sprinter will cost more than a luxury SUV.

Explore companies that offer competitive pricing. This way, you can access these fantastic services without breaking your budget.

Reserve Your Ride Today

If you are ready to enhance your special event with fantastic luxury transportation, Vitesse is here to help. Explore our fleet of over a dozen exquisite vehicles for your next event. Our team ensures that every ride is clean and organized before your group boards.

Our company works tirelessly to provide outstanding customer service during every interaction. Is this your first time hiring private transportation? We can offer vehicle recommendations that suit your needs.

We also provide airport transfers, executive transportation, and wine tours. Why wait to experience top-class comfort and fun?

Contact Vitesse in Sedona today. Schedule a private transportation service by calling 928-239-4659.

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